Government of India will initiate National Program on Artificial intelligence

The Government of India is to launch. Under the program, high value data sets in Public Sector Units are to be identified. These data will then be put under an Artificial Intelligence control framework. The framework will provide access to the appropriate units. This is being done to increase the safety of the data and its accessibility.

After the successful digital India campaign the Government of India is heading towards organizing National Program on Artificial Intelligence. In the program, the core objective is to detect data sets in public sector units. The structure will give access to the authenticated unit. The motive behind initiating national program in artificial intelligence is to improve data safety and accessibility.

What is National Program on Artificial Intelligence?

In the National Program on Artificial Intelligence initiative, a Centre for Transformational Artificial Intelligence utilize the data in different structure to be made accessible for Artificial Intelligence framework.

What About Digital India 2.0

The central objective of Digital India 2.0 is to elevate the cyber security, infrastructure and digital solution contributions to the end consumers.

With mission Digital India 2.0, the Government of India will enhance innovative and advanced cyber security products and vigorous digital networks.

It also focuses on developing intuitive direct benefit transfer Under digital India 2.0 A countrywide enterprises architecture will be rooted.

Contribution of MSMEs in Artificial Intelligence Plan

The National Programme on Artificial Intelligence along with Digital India 2.0 will boost the holistic mechanism of supporting MSMEs and startups in India.

The MSME ministry will provide 1,000 crores Rs of funds to achieve the goal determined for both National Programme on Artificial Intelligence and Digital India 2.0. The fund helps in giving additional capital to these firms.

Department of Electronics and Information Technology will provide Digital Product Fund to support the startups in the sector. The incubators and accelerators will help in investing the sanctioned funds for the betterment of startups in IT and digital fields.